I.M.A Charity Flea Market Report

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Intrepid Model Adventures(IMA), the wide-range activities supporting Tohoku, is always help Ringono like let us to sell charity goods in event.

After successful first charity flea market in July, they had a second flea market on 17th of November, at Okachimachi.


IMA Members

This time we were invited as Ringono, so I and my friend Mika brought clothes for the flea market with selling Ringono Charity goods. There were many kinds of workshops, like a Chinese calligraphy, Yoga class, and also talk events and a foot massage, neil salon etc…! Everyone’s favorite is always home-made bakery, beautiful brownies, soy-pulp cookies, Pumpkin muffins and many healthy yummy sweets were sold out just after they arrived!

All those profit were donated for the charity organization, groups and activities in this event, and Ringono was invited as one of them this time! We received 34,000yen donation! Also Ringono made 12,200yen profit from the charity goods sale. We got 46,400yen as a total on that day.

We would like to tell our gratitude to Dean Newcomb, Eri Noda who invited Ringono, and IMA members and all the people we met at the event. Ringono will send fresh apples from the donation, and together sending the report of all your support, help. Thank you so much!

Intrepid Model Adventures a.k.a IMA is an international charity group who is volunteering in Tohoku, tsunami affected area, and having events with hot-meals at Kisai-high school where people evacuated from Fukushima Daiichi plant, also there are more activities like Beautiful Energy; praying non-nuclear power to the world with lighting candles, Movie that Matter; monthly film event. Those activities are anyone can join. Please try to find something you are interested!

Intrepid Model Adventures Official Site
Beautiful Energy(Facebook)
Movie That Matter(Facebook)

Other groups attending to the event on 17th of November

Katsushika Network 
 Other than Hot-meal project for Kisai High School, they support many places need help in Tohoku, like Minami-Souma, Ishinomaki, and so on.
 Building schools and supporting children in Ghana.You can watch his activities in the latest documentary film “Half”,(Director:Megumi Nishikura is involved with IMA)


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