RINGONO, apples of life for Fukushima

We are a group of friends willing to reduce sanitary consequences of the the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster to the population, especially to children living the vast area of contamination.

With the help of teachers in schools and local organizations, we bring to children fresh and clean apples along with information against internal radiation. The project is inspired by the ‘Apple Pectine Course’ which was developed by the Belrad Institut in Belarus for use in Chernobyl. This treatment enables children to eliminate, on average, 66% of radionuclides which have accumulated in their body. We also offer to our local partners the Belrad guidebook “How to protect yourself and your children from the radioactivity”. Since the beginning of our activities, around 15000 victims got our apples and document. By directly working with apple producers in the Hirofune commune in Aomori, RINGONO wants to combine self-defence with pleasure.

Ringono’s member in Paris is also member of World Network for Saving Children from Radiation. The network informes you in english what is happening now in Japan and in Fukushima, especially by translating the voices from population. The series Bridging Wormwood and Happy Island is an exchange platform between organizations and families in Chernobyl (Wormwood) and the inhabitants in Fukushima (Happy Island) and in Japan. This series is also available in Japanese.