Introducing people’s voice through the apples

 5 Feb, 2013 CRMS Setagaya   Aya Marumori, administrative director

Oguni area in Date city has announced the cancellation of the evacuation call. Thank you for your heartfelt support, amid the clamor of people who were shocked by this news, as they thought that we had been abandoned
I think that the only way the children can keep their dreams and hopes is to actually feel that there is somebody besides, supporting them, instead of telling them to “recover” or to “go for it”. These experiences will empower them.

Ms Marumori introduced Ringono Ms Onami who runs Oguni karano Sakigao. Onami coordinated apple distribution to kindergartens and primary schools in Date city.

 5 Feb, 2013 Comments from schools in Date city where apples were sent.

  • The pupils were overjoyed by their apples (Yamafunyu Primal school)
  • Everyone is delighted about having apples to eat(Sekimoto Primal school)
  • Some pupils were concerned about the apple skin being hard to eat, although they bit into it when the teacher told them its very nutritious . (Yanagawa Kindergarten)
  • Some pupils couldn’t eat the skin, but it was undoubtedly a good experience for them (Awano Kindergarten).

 22 Jan, 2013 Ms Watanabe, Evacuated from Okuma-cho to Date city

I live in Fukushima prefecture. Today my child brought a leaflet from Ringono, which was distributed at school. I am writing to express my gratitude for your care and support of the children of Fukushima, thank you so much. Our family was evacuated from Okuma-cho to Date city in Fukushima. I’m just worried about our children’s health. I will use your leaflet as a reference. Although I’m tired of this refugee life, and anxious about our health, a mother has to be strong! (*^▽^*)


Thank you so much about your heartfelt message and advice. I will try as much as I can. The day the disaster occurred, we were told to evacuate, we didn’t know what was going on, and we ran all over desperately. Although we barely knew that this town is also contaminated…
Because of my husband’s job, the school my kids attend (they don’t want to change schools again), my aging parents, we had to stay here when we noticed… But, even now, I am pained and worried when I think about the health of my children, and that my decision might not have been the right one. Honestly, I sometimes think of moving to another place. However as long as I live here as a mother I will do everything I can for my children. Your leaflet gave me relief. The apples, which happen to be my favorite fruit, are also empowering.

 2.Nov.2013 Ms Mari Matsuda originally from Tomioka city(Tokyo)

Thank you for supporting that school.

Most people who are still living near the school are anxious, for various reasons. I’ve heard of kids who moved and changed schools but often came back as they couldn’t get used to their new school.

Our family home is in Tomioka city, where the entire townis closed, just like Futaba city. Every time we visit, I feel a particular feeling that nobody else can understand while looking at our sweet home going to waste, without any hope of ever coming back…

It’s very encouraging to think that people like you care about us. We can go forward only when society starts to understand our sorrow, and the fact that some places will never recover, and instead will be left in ruins.

*Ms Matsuda introduced us a junior school in Minami-Souma City.